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I'm someone
Walking the paths of life
In this minute

Planet earth
Breathing the air of freedom
In a place

Without name
I'm like you
And perhaps

You're like me
Thrust into a world full of stars
All exploding and burning

In a vision of hell
I’m a normal soul
Living a usual life

In an expanding universe
Filled up to the brim
With losers like me


My father wrote a book a long time ago. I have just translated it from the Spanish. I have dedicated this poem to the book.


Homer, money you chased
From babyhood to old age
Then Mario wrote those letters
Of sweet, funny scenes

Throughout a country gone mad
While bureaucrats swam in an orgy
Of blocked roads and crumbling buses
And ghosts danced frantically

At the sound of drums
Homer, you’ve changed my life
With your yacht
And women

All false
And full of appeal
Until the most famous people
Gathered in that ship

To see the end of the world
As the Beatles played
Their melodious songs
And the sun exploded

In a big bang
Homer the clever
Dreamed by a glorious mind
Interred in the depths of a book

Never published to the world
Sulking in the midst of time
Buried in an orgy of dust
Under a bed

Homer you’re my hero



I want to find

The path of your life

As memories get erased

With the passage of time

I must uncover

The trail of you

Across the years

Where you’ve dissolved

With no past

Disappearing into infinity

Leaving my time

And the world of life

Without any traces

Of that instant

As we’ve known it

When you made history

Taking a break from work

I'm a writer and a cryonicist


My visions will come true
As my heart yearns to have
The universe to myself

Because I’m the purveyor
Of wishes and dreams
Running through my soul

Rising in my heart
I have my hopes fulfilled
With sparkling illusions

And marvellous plans
Since I’m a winner
And the world is mine

I’m swimming in hope
Bursting with happiness
And drowning in fantasies


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Jules and Jim, Manhattan, Breaking the Waves

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Ibrahim Ferrer