Armageddon by Ismael Camacho Arango
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This website is in honour of the Colombian writer Ismael Camacho Arango

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Cryonics, writing, reading

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Ismael Camacho- My father


Doctor Ismael camacho Arango was born in Lebrija, Colombia in 1926. He got his degree of medicine in the universidad nacional de Bogota in 1952.

His literary career started when he won a short story competition in 1967. He wrote his book siete minutos in 1971.

The novel is a future vision of our industrialist society and of the citizens who only think of having money.

The day will come when people will only worry about themselves.

Laugh and cry with the characters and adventures the author describes in this book full of morbid humour, where he was the master. Dr. Ismael Camacho died in Palmira, Colombia in 1995.

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Siete minutos by Ismael Camacho Arango.

The book has a humoristic look on life. We see the corruption and intrigue existing in Latin American governments then and now.

Homer is a foreigner in Colombia. He becomes very rich by taking advantage of poor people and society in general.

Mario is rich but wants to be poor. His butler puts him in a plane to Hawaii where he marries a girl. Then he discovers it was all part of a Holliwood film.

Our two heroes get together for the final chapter of man on this earth. The sun explodes in a nova and sends the planet out of its orbit.

The end of the world is told in an anonymous letter. Then Mario takes over the narrative and tells us what happens in Homer’s yacht.


My father died ten years ago. As a cryonicist, I have lost him twice, first to death itself and then to the tomb.


I have memories of you
Happy events of my childhood
Shrouded in fog
Dimmed by the years

As I remember you
I dissolve in tears
A proud man
Has been reduced to dust

What lies under the mud
It’s not my dad
He’s gone forever
And only lives in my mind

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As I look at your pictures
I remember those years
When we talked
About life

They’re memories in space
Sounds that float in air
And fly around me
In the infinity of time

Your memory is alive
In the world inside me
And in the universe
I see at night

Your words I can hear
Like echoes from the past
Flowing through my soul
And reaching for the stars

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