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Infinity and beyond
Through immortal lips


People moving between the cameras, as everyone talks at the same time, and a man with big glasses looks at the screen in front of him. One of his colleagues appears with a notebook.

“The sun is having hiccups,” he says.

Pushing back invisible strands of hair, Antonio studies the graphics where a sun full of flares looks at them from the darkness of space. He listens to his headphones for a few moments.

“It’s time for the news,” he says.

As Antonio sits in front of the cameras, the studio lights up ready for an audience hungry for news.

“Good morning,” he says. “Our sun seems to have more energy that its size requires, causing the fog and the lights in the sky we have seen this morning.”

The camera shows a row of cars lining the road and disappearing amidst the fog, as a few people argue with each other in the rain.

A fight starts between two men by a small blue car, but after punching each other a few times, they go back to their vehicles with sore faces.

“It is raining in Bogotá,” Antonio says. “Attention! An electric storm has developed over the city, with rain and hale.”

The camera cuts to the lights dancing amidst the fog as hail falls over the city. Moving through the blanket of mist, people try to get away from the sea, while a picture of the sun fills the screen, large flares shooting out into space. Antonio’s voice interrupts the drama.

“Attention,” he says. “Mount Palomar has photographed the eruptions taking place within the sun.”

More images of the sun adorn the screen, flames reaching towards the planets threatening to finish with the solar system.

The camera cuts back to a reporter standing in the road, where the cars have started to move.

“It is still raining,” he says. “But we’re driving away now.”

The cars move down the road, thunder echoing around them, as the fog gives an air of unreality to the scene, but a few people dance in the back of a truck oblivious to all the problems of the world.

The camera cuts to Antonio reading the news.

“Similar things have been reported all over the continent,” he says. “It’s five o’clock in the morning in Hawaii, where the auroras have been a beautiful spectacle. We can’t waste any time with commercials. We’re making contact with radio Cartagena. Attention!"

A thin man appears in a studio filled with people and confusion.

“This is Cartagena, transmitting for the national television. We have seen terrible things amidst the fog, as trucks and buses full of people wait for the traffic to move. We ask everyone to be calm.”

The camera cuts to another studio, where a man sits by a picture of the sun and a table full of books.

“This is central station in Cartagena,” he says. “Everyone wants to get away from the sea.

The camera focuses on a fat man sitting nearby.

“This is Professor Camacho,” the reporter says. “He should know everything about the sun.”

Pushing his glasses up his nose, Professor Camacho nods his head.

“Our star is coughing fire,” he says.

“Can you explain it, Professor?” the other man asks.

Gesturing at the screen, where the image of the sun appears surrounded by big flames, the professor pushes his glasses up again.

“Our sun is in the middle of its life.” He says. “We believe it has a long time to go.”

“What is happening then?” the reporter asks.

“We don’t know.”

The table shakes, as the two men stand up and people scream.


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